It’s the words that sell

the copy is where the magic happens

The art of word-smithery is one that cannot be underestimated – words should dance off the page to the reader, not simply be functional. Stunning visuals can only do so much, it’s the words where the magic happens.  

The difference between well written structured copy and copy that has been typed for purpose, is significant. Your sales and website copy should be compelling, resulting in clicks and conversions. 

A potential customer should be intrigued to read on further on your site, not skip chunks of text because their attention has left the room. Well written copy is one thing that cannot be automated in times of ever evolving digital technologies. There is more importance than ever in the role it plays. Writing copy and creating content with passion, I craft well thought out paragraphs from knowledge and research.  

Words are beautiful, let them be the perfect vehicle for your business growth.

With a flair for making words sing in chorus together, I can create that crucial spark of interest for your customers. Allow me to create beautiful copy that will have potential customers flock around you.

I have extensive experience in copywriting, particularly for press as I used to be a PR Manager for a Dragon’s Den invested business. In fact, I even wrote a quote for Dragon’s Den Peter Jones once!

My Copywriting Packages

Copywriting for Your Website

Whether you have a sparkling new website or your current website needs a refresh, well written engaging content is key. Great copy will attract customers and present your business in the perfect light.

It’s easy to write content and hope that your website will do the rest. However, to ensure your customers stay engaged and focussed, your copy needs to resonate with them beyond their expectation.

How can I help exactly?

➵ Tell your story on your ‘about page’ that your customers can empathise and relate to
➵ Create sales copy that takes your customer on a journey of emotions
➵ Write powerful landing pages to convert customers

All copy is written in your tone of voice and thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar. Copy is always written with SEO in mind.

Copywriting for Websites
up to 500 words per page

5 pages £750
3 pages £500
1 page £250

Copywriting for Sales Pages

Short form sales page £550
up to 1000 words 
Long form sales page £850
up to 2500 words

Email Marketing

A key part of the list building process is to have a fantastic email nurture sequence that persuades and converts. Without fantastic copy written in a way to connect with the reader, you will lose their interest and engagement.

Email marketing takes a special kind of writing to connect, engage and emote to build that ever so important relationship. There is a process and a unique way to writing emails that encourage that click to open to spark that relationship. 

What can I do?

➵ Create a persuasive and engaging email nurture sequence encouraging action
➵ Increase your open rates
➵ Make your list a profitable asset that brings you in  income

Do not waste your opportunity of having a great lead magnet and email signup with a poor email nurture process.

Email Nurture Sequence
Typically 3-5 emails
up to 500 words per email

Monthly Email Newsletter
up to 500 words

press releases, social media and linkedin profile writing

As well as copywriting for your website and emails, I also offer other services too to ensure that all your creative outputs are refined and working their best for you.

What other services can you offer?

➵ Write a compelling press release that captures the media’s attention
➵ Take the hassle out of social media and increase engagement with perfect captions
➵ Create an engaging and highly readable Linkedin profile

Utilise my skills as an ex-PR Manager with much press coverage under my belt to your advantage.

Press Release
up to 650 words

Social Media Captions
20x captions, up to 100 words per caption

Linkedin Profile
Full Profile inc summary and job roles

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