Tech VA

We live in a world of tech – an app for this, software for that and us entrepreneurs are certainly not immune from its ability to streamline our businesses. With so much juicy software on offer, it’s a lot for you to learn over and over again when you kind of just, well, want to work. Maybe you’re still manually handling every step of your business on-boarding and processes? Automating your processes will save you a lot of time, allowing you to step away from the admin and focus on getting more clients. Think of how much you could have been earning if you weren’t scratching your head while DIY-ing your tech or still doing every step manually.

Lists, systems, website, workflow, automation, funnels… It can be a full time job in itself as a busy entrepreneur trying to set up and maintain the tech that makes your business work. With shiny new systems and ways to work, in theory it’s great but the reality is that all that tech can leave you with serious tech burn out. There’s no question about it – tech is your best friend in business and can not only help you profit more by streamlining your business but also save you time… Only if you’re doing it right.

Whether you’re in a pickle with your website, need to get your funnel working or need help automating the whole way you work, I can help.

Tech VA

Whether you need one off help with a custom social links page on your website or would like to work together every month, there are options available for you. Tech can be anything technical related from your website to your email marketing to your membership backend. Why waste your valuable time trying to sort out issues with your tech that aren’t native to you? Leave the tech sorting to me and get on with doing what you do best – working your expertise.

Workflow Automation

It can be oh so easy to manually complete each step of your business but have you ever worked out how much time you could save by automating your workflow? It could save you hours each week and will streamline the services that you offer. You need to automate to elevate. I work with Dubsado and offer a full set up service – you tell me what you do and the details and I’ll do the rest. I can even write all the copy for your emails too.

Funnel Setup

The key to profitable sales is well performing sales funnels. Do you even have a sales funnel? If not, then you really need to! Landing pages, nurture sequences, lead magnets, opt-ins – I can design it all for you and set it up. Set it up and it’ll run itself. Not sold on setting up sales funnels? Once you have your sales funnels set up and working for you like a well oiled machine, you’ll find it much easier to source leads, nurture them and sell to them.

I work with ambitious entrepreneurs needing some tech assistance and overhaul. You can buy an hour of my time or buy a package of hours to use monthly to stay on top of your tech so you can focus on building your business. If you would like to see a list of the programs I can use and services I can offer you, please contact me.

£55ph or a block of 10 hours at £50ph

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