Squarespace vs WordPress: Does it really matter?

A lot of my clients will ask me for advice on which platform to use for their website. Indeed, a large amount will already be using an ‘out of the box’ website provider such as Squarespace or Wix etc.

However, my love and preference is always WordPress, simply because of the fact that the design and functionality options are endless. It’s open source, which means that it can be moulded, sculpted and manipulated into looking just how you want it to. Having said that, I do also have a fondness for Squarespace…

I have used a lot of different website providers over the years and Squarespace supersedes all of them for me. Their clean and modern designs instantly give your brand a super professional look. However, to avoid brand confusion and to make your brand look unique, it does require customisation. Whether that be custom graphics or a different way of creating the overall design, a touch of individuality is key.

So why would you choose a custom WordPress design over keep using Squarespace?

Brand Identity
As we’ve just discussed, a certain level of customisation is required as standard for a Squarespace website to ensure it looks like your brand. Do not be fooled into thinking that because it looks professional and contemporary as it is, that it requires no brand customisation.

Squarespace’s SEO capability is actually pretty good but there are still limits to what you can do. However, for complete SEO control and the ability to keep driving you up the rankings, WordPress and its multifaceted abilities are a no brainer.

Thinking of Selling?
If you’re one day hoping to sell your business then without a doubt, you’ll want to sell it with your own website. A custom built website that you fully own and are in control of, immediately adds value to your business and brand.

I offer WordPress design from scratch and I also offer a Squarespace spruce up service to make customisations more in line with your branding.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss working together further.

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