SEO services for female entrepreneurs looking to rank higher in search results

SEO is so important for your business. In fact, I would go as far as saying it’s critical for your website. Without SEO, your website will not be found and you will struggle for potential clients to see you. 

Your clients being able to find you in search results is the key way for clients to see your business. Social media marketing is great but as we’ve seen in recent months, social media can go down and if it all went down permanently tomorrow, could your customers find you easily?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Essentially, this means to nurture and mould your offerings such as your website to be search engine friendly. This is done by many different ways, too many to list in fact but once the perfect foundations are in place, it’ll carry your website forward for years to come.

I have been doing SEO for years now and have successfully managed to get each of my websites at the top of page 1 within months of launching. It takes hard work and consistency but it can be done – yes, even a new website! There are no guarantees in SEO and anyone who tells you that they can guarantee to get your website to top of search is not being completely truthful. We do not know the exact science behind the algorithyms, all we can do is guess and give it our best shot at working. 

Using the same formulas that I’ve used on my own websites over the years, I will give your site an overhaul and build your strong SEO foundations. I will then give you some ideas on strategy and what you can do going forward to nurture your website to get to the top of search, or as near as possible. 

SEO Foundations Package


✓ Timeframe 1 – 2 Weeks 

✓ Keyword Research

✓ Image Optimisation

✓ Copy Optimisation

✓ On-Site Complete SEO Refresh and Optimisation

✓ SEO Strategy and Tips for Nurturing



Other SEO Services


✓ 1 Hour Call via Zoom

✓ Keywords and Niche Discovery

✓ Site Review

✓ Ideas for Off-Site SEO

✓ Follow up Summary Email of Discussed

✓ My SEO Quick Reference Guides for Tips



✓ Blog Posts Optimised for Keywords

✓ Well Written and Proof Read

✓ Either One Off or Monthly 

✓ 300-350 Words per Post

✓ Subject/Theme, Keywords and Target Audience Supplied by Client

x1 Blog Post: £55


x4 Blog Posts: £200



SEO Journey


I will discuss your keywords that you would like to rank for, which will conclude with research and competitor analysis for an overall keyword list


After this, I will sweep through your website and check out any potential issues or errors that could be affecting your SEO and report them back


Following on from this, I will move forward in implementing and optimising your entire site, ensuring that solid SEO foundations are in place


I will give you a SEO strategy including hints and tips on going forward how you can continue to nurture your site for effective optimisation


SEO takes time and isn’t instant – results can be seen around 2 weeks after completion – further work on your part may be needed to get to the top

ready to go?