‣ 3 Modules plus Bonus Module

‣ Suitable for Beginners

‣ Suitable for Any Website Platform

‣ 20 Hours Combined Self Study and Implemention Time

‣ 24/7 Access

‣ No Time Limits with 6 Months Access

‣ Support in Private FB Group

SEO Essentials: How to Rank Higher in Search Results

About the Course

Your website needs SEO.

If you’re rattling around on page 10 of Google, you’re not getting potential customers visiting your website. People want it easy, they want to hit search and there you are. They are not going to keep scrolling, however pretty your website is or however wonderful you are…

SEO is critical.

If social media goes down, what then? You need organic traffic flowing to your website daily with ease. That’s where SEO comes in. Give your website strong super star foundations, nurture it and you will storm the search results leaving your competitors behind.

I have sold 2 businesses previously and both businesses are successful because of SEO. Without it, I wouldn’t have had the customers find my website, particularly way back when there was no social media. SEO was essential but somehow recently, it’s fallen to the way side in favour of social media but there’s a problem.

It isn’t one or the other, they go together. First and foremost, you need to focus on powering up the thing you actually own AKA your website! Next comes everything else. I wouldn’t be sitting here now with my successes under my belt without SEO and I’m here to shake things up and show you how to do it yourself. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t actually difficult at all to implement.

So let me show you exactly how I do it and how you can too. You don’t need to pay £1000’s per month to an agency, you can do it yourself. 

With a well optimised website, you can:

✓ Build authority and trust with search engines
✓ Jump ahead of your competitors
✓ Start climbing up the results
✓ Get more visitors to your website
✓ Start to be recognised as an authority in your industry
✓ Gain more enquiries and followers on social media
✓ Be offered more PR and press opportunities

Course Content

Module 1
SEO Theory
SEO Glossary and Key Terms
On-Site SEO Checklist

Module 2
Building a Relationship with Search Engines
Telling Search Engines about your Website
Website Setup Essentials
Off-Site SEO Checklist

Module 3
Optimising your Images
SEO WordPress Plugins
Finding Off-Site SEO Opportunities
The Importance of Good Backlinks

Finding your Keywords Printable Worksheet

Course Outcomes

‣ A solid understanding of SEO
‣ Understand and be able to use on-site and off-site SEO techniques
‣ Optimise your website including the copy, images and blog posts for SEO
‣ Enrich your website with SEO and begin to climb search rankings
‣ How to nurture your website going forward
‣ Find out your keywords
‣ SEO what not to do
‣ Learn how to weave SEO into all that you do
‣ How to ensure backlinks benefit your site and where to find them

Who is the Course for?

 Female and Woman Entrepreneurs Seeking Greater Visibility for their Website
 New Website Owners Looking to Implement SEO
 VAs Looking to Increase SEO Knowledge for Clients
 Start up Business Owners Requiring a Kick Start for their Website
 Web Designers Who Would Like to Learn How to Implement SEO into their Client Builds
 Anyone Looking to Improve their Current Search Ranking

Please kindly note that all payments are final and no refunds are available due to all the content being available with immediate access. You are permitted to use the information in the course for your own business. You are not permitted to use this as part of any teaching or course, whether in whole or part. You may not sell or lend out the content. This course content remains the copyright of Her Brand.

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