Tune into my podcast for female entrepreneurs where I’ll be discussing all areas of business and the life of being a busy female entrepreneur.

I have been in business officially now since 2012 but I started a life in business much younger. In fact, I hadn’t even reached my 13th birthday before I began my first business selling jelly beans to my schoolmates in the playground. After I left school at 16 I dove straight into working for a high street bank. This opened my eyes to a world beyond employment and to a world that I wasn’t aware of – the self-employed life.

In 2007 I trained to be a Makeup Artist at a top celebrity makeup artistry school in London. This was the beginning of when I seriously began to think about all things business and making a living out of my skills. Fast forward to 2013 and within a year of setting up 2 businesses, they became so well known and busy that I sold them to 2 different buyers within months of each other.

I have amassed bucketfuls of business experience – the good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty. The Her Brand podcast is an opportunity for me to share my experience and talk about real world business talk to other female entrepreneurs. It’s a podcast for CEOs of large enterprises to women enjoying their side hustle. I talk about all areas of business including my beloved branding but also other related topics relevant to being a woman in business such as health and lifestyle.

New episodes will be updated regularly so check it out if you’re working from home or even on your work lunch break. Podcast updates are available on my social channels and I’m always interested to hear your thoughts so please do get involved on social.

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