Do you have Brand Self Love?

It’s that love day again today. For some, it’s an opportunity to show their love to their partners, for others it really doesn’t mean much at all. However, today is definitely the day to show your brand some self love.

Are you in love with your brand?

Personally, I love my brand and website. Every part of it I have designed to completely fit in with me and my personality. Every single tiny detail has been taken into account – ah heck even the colour of the footer socket and layout! As much as it would be easy to blame this on my designer OCD, in fact there is another reason for this.

I wanted to be in love with my brand and I wanted to fall in love with my brand daily.

Every time I share my website, I feel little butterflies in my tummy because I’m proud to show it off. Whenever people ask for website inspiration, I offer mine up for viewing, complementing it as I do.
Just like a proud mother, I will show it off whenever I can.

I basically should have a picture of it in purse (I don’t – yet).

So why is it important to have brand self love?

Here’s the thing… Your business is going to be with you a long time and ideally you’ll be happy enough with your branding that you won’t need to change it for years. Of course maybe you would tweak it slightly as your business evolves but ideally to continue with the continuity, it will be minor tweaks and a refresh.

If you’re not in love with your brand and website, then that’s a problem.

Just like self love, true love starts with you and loving yourself first. The same can be said for branding and your website – if you don’t love it, how can you expect anyone else to?

So this Valentines Day, have some love for your brand – fall in love with it all over again. If you really can’t, then maybe you need to listen because this could be a block that you need to shift.

Happy Valentines Day!

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