Content Marketing

An expertly curated Instagram feed focussed on style, trends and branding will increase your engagement. I work with clients not only to plan a content marketing strategy but also to package up a content bundle for them. I curate and design gorgeous grids for my stylish clients focussed on visuals, aesthetics and enchanting their audiences.

With more changes in algorithms than the weather, it’s left a big gap of ‘what’s best’ when it comes to social feeds. Do you focus on your grid? Document every move on stories? Add hashtags like they’re going out of fashion? It’s certainly a social predicament for the ambitious entrepreneur. I know that stylised feeds that are effortlessly on brand – work. They are an extension of your brand and the step between a potential client going from cold to warm – don’t blow the opportunity on a less than aspiring feed.

Spending my days on Instagram, I see a lot of content being churned out by accounts. I say churned out because of a lot the content is posted to ‘tick a box’ rather than be well thought out curated content. It’s a lot to think about and an uphill social battle to keep finding content to post. Well, I can make it a whole lot easier for you.

Content Marketing Strategy

It can be so overwhelming to know what to post, which channels to post on and when to deliver content. I have worked with large SMEs on their social as well as being a PR Manager for a Dragon’s Den invested business. Inferior content is not good for PR or being recognised by the media! Let me work with you to unravel your brand story and use it to create a rich content strategy full of topics, talking points, ideas and beyond. I guarantee I will find elements of you and your business to utilise that you did not even realise you could! As well as strategy, we will be writing down a content plan for at least the following 3 months so you have a plan to work to.

We can either meet over Zoom video call or in person if you’re in the Sussex area.

Content Curation Monthly Bundles

My monthly curated bundles are gaining popularity and its no wonder why as it makes your life a whole lot easier. Each month, I will deliver a bundle of content assets that you can use to schedule on your social media including images, custom graphics and quotes. These are all fully branded, in design and colour, ready to polish up your feed. I only use high end stock images that are royalty free and completely ok to use on your feed. I never use images unless I can verify the source and the image licence. Any quotes or graphics are created from scratch and I do not use templates or rehash old designs. I create graphic designs that fit in with your branding superbly well.

The content bundles are for self management giving you the flexible to schedule and post when you need to. There’s not contract – just buy a month at a time and they will be delivered to you with a suggested feed design too so you know how to deliver them with style. I also offer a discount for Social Media Managers for client accounts – the perfect white label option to save you time.