Branding and Web Design for Female Entrepreneurs – Finding My Niche

Choosing my niche to offer branding and web design for female entrepreneurs was a simple one for me. It was born mainly out of my style and passion that had evolved. I used to design for anyone in any industry, with my own branding and business name that wasn’t particularly aspiring to me. They say that if you’re targeting everyone that you are targeting no one – very true!

I graduated from design school and was encouraged to ‘fit in’ with everyone. I grew tired of designing logos and websites for certain industries that didn’t interest me all that much. I was doing it because I enjoyed design but I wasn’t in love with what I was designing.

About 7 years ago, I was scrolling on social one evening and suddenly came across the coaching industry. I began to read aspiring posts from coaches and other online entrepreneurs – it thrilled me and filled me up with artistic enthusiasm!

I had found my niche and began to learn about the online digital marketing world, which became my mastermind subject.

Branding and Web Design for Female Entrepreneurs

Having a design passion and love of sophisticated, stylish and modern design, I began to immerse myself in this industry. I stylised my business and branding to resonate with these online entrepreneurs. I designed my own branding and website that I fell in love with, as my business evolved into something that filled me with joy.

Her Brand was born.

It turned out to be the perfect business decision because these savvy sophisticated online entrepreneurs loved what I offered. They commented and congratulated me on the style of design I offered and said it was exactly what they had been looking. Some previously having worked with other designers who had designed something not aspiring or sophisticated but lack lustre designs for them.

I love my job and Her Brand is known by online entrepreneurs as being the go to for stylish, sophisticated and modern designs. I would love to work with you and bring your vision to life.

Together, we can make your brand fabulous.

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