Social feed looking a bit ‘Meh’?


Are you active on social but struggling with engagement and followers?
Not really liking the look of your feed?
Struggling to come up with attractive visual content?

I’ve been there and I know that it isn’t easy! I’m sure all you want to do is focus on your actual business but instead, you’re finding yourself wasting valuable time mulling over your social feeds. Maybe you’ve been posting good content with good engagement for a while but realise that your feed is looking rather messy with no real theme going on.

As no theme or pattern means no defined direction or brand strategy, this could result in a bit of a pickle.

With well branded social feeds, you will:

→ Achieve better engagement, more likes and more followers
→ Inspire your audience to keep coming back for more
→ Be proud of your social feeds
→ Drive more traffic to your website
→ Create a better brand and appearance
→ Enhance your professionalism
→ Come up with new content easier and quicker
→ Have a clear and defined visual social strategy in place
→ Be able to focus on other areas of your business
→ Not get stressed with your social content anymore



This ecourse will enable you to professionally brand your social feeds with ease for higher engagement, stronger brand identity and increase conversions. 

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You will learn how to:

⇒ Gain clarity with your current branding

⇒ Create a high quality brand mood board for your content

⇒ Check your social content is incorporating your brand colours and style

⇒ Create a winning content formula/pattern for a better aesthetic

⇒ Use grid planner tools to see how new content fits in with current feed 

⇒ Check your current feed is/monitor your future feed is in line with your branding 

⇒ Generate and use a new colour palette for your social feed, using both a colour palette generator tool and colour picker tool

⇒ Incorporate other elements of your profile such as profile image and highlight covers into your branding

⇒ Use personal branding to your advantage for increased engagement

⇒ Source high resolution free lifestyle images to use 

⇒ Manually create filter effects with full control for your images

Free Bonuses
(worth £150)

♥ Free downloadable and printable worksheets for grid pattern planning, 28 day grid wall planner, personal branding suggestions, brand mood board and more


Hayley has been working as a Brand Designer for over 12 years. She began playing around on the Adobe suite as a hobby before it turned into a career for her. She formalised her experience in 2012 with a graphic and web design qualification while building up her own business. She also undertook a training and teaching qualification in 2013 to enable her to work with clients 121 and run courses. Hayley now works full time for herself as a Branding and Web Designer, helping clients with the branding of their businesses while using her business knowledge to help them up level in their businesses. 



Will this course help me to create a better looking social feed?

Yes! That’s the intention! This course will empower you with the knowledge and basic psychology behind designing a better social channel feed.

Can this course help me with my personal branding?

Yes, we cover personal branding i.e. images of you in brief detail including a worksheet containing suggested/popular typical lifestyle images that perform well on social.

Do I need any design software to do this course?

No not at all. This course was created in mind for the ambitious business owner who needs to be able to study this and run with it. All tools suggested are free and easy to use, even for the beginner.

Do I need any previous design experience?

No, this course is for complete beginners or those who have used design software before.

Will this course show me how to create graphics for my content?

No. This course is to show you how to align your social feed and content with your branding. However, it will show you how to use certain free tools that have plenty of free templates on for creating graphics. 

Do I have to complete this course in a certain amount of time?

No, there are no restrictions – you can study as slow or as fast as you like. Access to course is available 24/7 so you can study at a time to suit you.

Can you look at my social feeds for me and tell me what I need to change?

This course is a DIY course for you to study and action the content yourself. You also have the support of the Facebook group for specific technical questions. However, there is the premium option available to have a 1 hour Zoom call with me where I can direct you and help you with strategy. This can also be added on at a later date.

Can you create branding for me?

Yes, of course. As part of the course bonuses, you are eligible to receive a discount on my branding and web design services. These include the full branding process including social graphic templates and highlight covers. 

Is this course for business branding?
No, I must stress that is not an alternative to going through the branding process. This is to show you tools including those to create temporary interim colour palettes for social. If you are looking for branding for your business, please visit here.


The cost for the course including all the free bonuses is just £97

If you would like the course plus a personalised email report on your social where I can walk you through everything including specific suggestions, it is just £297

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Refunds are not available on this course as all content is delivered on purchase. 


Social media is getting bigger and bigger year after year. Customers rely on a business’s social media and make buying decisions based on what they’re posting. It’s imperative for you and your business that your social feeds are bang on otherwise you’re leaving money on the table!