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stylish branding design for ambitious female entrepreneurs seeking a new brand identity

Your branding journey is an exciting one that will help you understand your brand thoroughly, whilst also providing you with a strong visual strategy of where you are heading. Working with woman entrepreneurs on this journey is something I love to do, having travelled this path for many years now. It’s an ever evolving journey for my clients and one that gets to the heart of their brand and their vision.

A weak or uninspiring brand could damage your business and restrict your growth. A strong and unique brand is your power card in not only boosting your visibility but also creating a strong brand identity that your customers will remember. Your brand is your suit of armour, your business best friend and a vehicle to drive your business determinedly towards your vision.

This is not just logo design, this is a complete brand overhaul and identity for your business. It is a journey of discovery to create branding that is the essence of you and your vision. There are no templates, no reusing designs and no copying designs.

This is an opportunity for you to experience an authentic branding process with a branding expert, designing for you absolutely unique designs using skill and expertise.

illustrated botanical logo

As well as logo design, you will also receive a colour palette, submarks and variations of your logo. All of these design assets will be delivered to you at the end in easy to use formats. The key to creating brand consistency and recognition is to have strong branding running through every single thing you do. This brand design package will give you the exact tools you need to do this. 

My brand styling package is here to offer you a helping hand with figuring out all the revelations and ideas throughout this journey. We start with a thorough brand discovery process to deep dive straight into the branding flow where you have the opportunity to tell me all about your business and your brand ideas. Moving forward next with the design stage and from there where I will build and weave your rich brand tapestry!

By the end of the brand journey with you, you will have clear brand clarity and a powerful brand to be proud of.

Full branding design is recommened, however if you are looking for just a logo, this option is also available. See below for details.

A Stylish Brand Identity Package


✓ Timeframe 2 – 4 weeks

✓ Full Brand Discovery Journey

✓ 1x Logo and 2x Sub Logo/Variation

✓ Colour Palette

✓ Brand Summary Board


✓ Social Media Essentials: IG Quote Post Template, IG Highlight Covers and Pinterest Pin Template £250

✓ Business Essentials Design: Business Card, Comp Slip and Letter Head £250

✓ Online Business Essentials Design: Podcast Cover, FB Group Cover and FB Page Header £350




✓ Timeframe 1 – 2 Weeks

✓ 1x Logo Design

✓ 3 – 5 Initial Logo Concepts to Choose from


Design and Development Journey


The intial step is to building your brand is a series of visual exercises and mood boarding


First comes your colour palette, which will serve as a guide for your logo design and branding elements


We’ll then move forward with your logo design, which I’ll send you a set of initial drafts to choose from


Submarks and variations of your logo will then be designed using your chosen final logo design


Finally everything will be delivered electronically to you including your branding summary board

ready to go?