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3 Month Brand Coaching Programme to Boost your Brand

Your brand is your business. Without a strong brand, your business will not have the room to grow. 

Sometimes, you are too close to your business to be able to see what you could be doing differently. You may feel a little stuck or unsure of what to do next and this is where coaching comes in. Brand coaching is all about the visual identity of your business including your tone of voice and your personal branding too.

So how can coaching help you?

Co-hesive Brand
Coaching you how to ensure that everything you do, say and deliver is fully on brand. We will look at your social networks, your outputs, your website, and more to determine where you are at with branding. This includes looking at super fine details too such as minor design elements and fonts. 

Strong Personal Brand
Discussing how to build your personal brand as well as helping you build a personal brand from scratch. Guidance for branding photoshoots from what to wear to where to go is included in this. Personal branding can also cover promotion of yourself in the press, writing your story and who to pitch to.

Brand Identity
Helping you to decide if your current branding is the essence of you and your vision or if it’s time for a new identity. If so, we will discuss what that could be and future proofing your branding. Your business evolves so it is important that your branding evolves with it too.

Business Coaching
I can also help you with all areas of business coaching too. I have been in business for over a decade now and sold 2 businesses by the age of 27. So whether it’s branding, marketing, PR or strategy, let me work with you to help propel your business to success.

Just need a one off branding call? Book in for 1 hour branding call by Zoom, details below.


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Brand Coaching


✓ 3 Month Journey

✓ Initial guidance call

✓ 6 x 1 hour implementation and feedback calls

✓ Worksheets





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