5 Easy SEO Tricks for Female Entrepreneurs

When I first started out in business way back when Britney shaved all her hair off in 2007, things were very different in the online world.

Social media barely existed for one! Everyone had a MySpace but that certainly wasn’t used for business promotion unless you were a musician. Facebook wasn’t really used unless you were at uni and Instagram, well that wasn’t born until 2010. So you can imagine that when I launched my first business, promoting it and getting traffic to it was very different to now.

For me, it was all about the SEO and funnily enough, after all these years, it is still about the SEO!

So many businesses spend their time putting a lot of effort into their social media – I’m one of them! However, I also understand that importance of SEO because without it, I never would have had a business all those years ago. It still is ever so important now.

seo tricks

Here’s 5 easy tricks to help improve your SEO:

1) Ensure every page and blog post that you want indexing by Google for page rankings, has at least 300 words. If you can make that more, then that’s better but at the bare minimum it must be 300.

2) Have decent content, include your keywords that you wish to rank for but do not spam! If your content isn’t decent with a mention of your keywords then it’s not going to help you. Keep it useful, interesting to read and woven delicately with keywords.

3) Create decent titles for SEO, thinking about what people may pop into Google as a search term. Allow that to lead you and give you inspiration for your blog post title.

4) SSL!! I can’t stress this enough but as there are still so many websites ‘not secure’, it’s necessary to mention again. Get yourself a SSL certificate and set your website to https. If you don’t do this, this WILL have an impact on your SEO and give visitors a nice ugly warning when trying to access your site.

5) Get on all the social networks and have fully optimised profiles. You may not use them all but as good practice, set yourself up with a profile on each major social network.

I hope this helps, for further tips, come and hang with me on IG here

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