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With a flexible back bone of well honed branding expertise and graciously backed by a decade of happy clients, I offer ambitious entrepreneurs a full stylish branding and web design service from concept to celebration. As well as this, I am also an experienced writer offering copy and content writing. My name is Hayley and I am the Founder and Creative Director of Her Brand. A design industry expert and seasoned entrepreneur, I offer an exploratory design experience to bring your ideas and business to life. With strong skill in modern design and a stellar decade of experience under my designer belt, I design branding and write words that epitomise your vision for your business. Recognising the importance of limiting my carbon footprint, I also pay to plant trees to offset every client project that I undertake.

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founder & creative director hayley

With a career in design spanning near on 15 years, her mediums may have changed over the years but the same well honed skill that continues to evolve. With an eye for design, Hayley stays on top of current trends and at the forefront of trend forecasting. A bohemian of sorts, she takes her design and word inspiration from not only design industries but also nods to nature and classical arts for ideas. Design school graduate with a love of typography and the written word with a heart in the wild. Hayley set up an initiative for Her Brand to help offset the footprint of working on each project by planting trees. You can read more about the initiative here.

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